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A Trek Through The Woods

And here we are, standing among green giants, 100 kilometers from the city of Mumbai, at a tiny village “Jamrung” overlooking the olive green meadows soaked in the fresh monsoon rains, we hear the sound of a thundering waterfall and we, in no time, decide to follow our sensory auricle and reach the waterfall wherever it is.
10 back-packers, trekking for the past 2 hours, away from their sedentary jobs, are all happily walking, running, climbing, hiking and otherwise propelling themselves to just see, feel, touch and take a plunge in the water. In one Japanese tradition — shinrinyoku, or forest bathing — individuals spend time in a forest to relieve stress and strengthen their immune system. We are rather interested in waterfall bathing to have a renewed mind and soul.
Some more hill-walking, some more sweating and we are finally in the presence of the enormous stream of milk made out of countless little falls cascading through the black rocks, the thriving sound cutting through the stillness of the hills is enough to put us in good stead and say goodbye to all our urban stress collected during the course of the work that hardly leaves us human and I figure out “I can keep waterfalling my entire life.”
The hummocks with deep valleys add up to a picturesque sight and gives life to this place. Situated miles away from the mayhem of city life, the trip to Jamrung indeed goes a long way in invigorating our lost and dysfunctional senses by bringing us close to Mother Nature.

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