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Idyllic Kelva Beach

You don’t have to cross the ocean to find a slice of a beachy paradise. The tiny sleepy town of Mahim-Kelve is just 115 kilometers away from Mumbai...dotted with suru trees and speaking of the beach, one of the best settings I have seen of a beach. 

As it was low tide, the sea was at quite a distance leaving a long beautiful spotless stretch of Arabian Shoreline with hardly anyone but us strolling around.
If you expect a Goa or Kerala beach locale, you might just end up saying “this is not even close”; this one is rather a lucky escape from the messy overcrowded beaches of the city where there are no shacks or beach huts to treat you, yet, if you are a nature lover, the tranquility is bound to sink into you and you will feel the eventual peace of mind.
Walked northwards till the beach was cut by a small river meeting the Arabian sea. We spent time watching larger boats passing the marine and the fishermen's boats returning to their village sailing through the river.
The most enjoyable beauty is the sight of sunset painting the horizon golden orange - the visible illusion and like Pink Floyd you might think of all the good things that you have left undone and sing “as the windshield melts/my tears evaporate/leaving only charcoal to defend/finally I understand/the feelings of the few/ashes and diamonds/foe and friend/we were all equal in the end.”
Yes, Kelva beach may miss the glory of well-known touristy beaches with abundance of extravagance, yet it can leave you delightfully captivated and add to your a-bit-more-of-kelva craving!
After spending 5 hours, we drove back to Mumbai wrapped up with idyllic good memoirs of an unplanned outing.




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