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Magical Matheran

The smallest hill station in India, Matheran is situated in the Raigad district in Maharashtra. A good 90 km-drive from Mumbai, this is an eco-sensitive and fragile region, and therefore, motored vehicles are not permitted beyond a certain limit. I drove up to an extent, and rode up the rest of the way to reach the view point on a mare.
Chugging along in a toy-train that idly stoops around the mountains, breathing in the fragrances of medicinal herbs and feasting your eyes on the green foliage of the Sahayadris, waterfalls and fog is all that you can expect! Matheran is not a place that buzzes with activity. However crossing the valleys with the help of a single rope tied to your waist might give you a sudden adrenaline rush if not anything else; from where you are perched, the valley floor would be hundreds of meters below, making the river seem like a tiny green serpent making its way amid foothills...200 meters to the next valley, where the rest of your team stands, cheering you on! It's time to put on your wings and fly high!
My first stopover was at the Panorama Point to take a scenic potshot of the wonderful view it offers of the entire hill station. The sunrise casting a beautiful glimmer of clandestine orange across the entire region makes it a treat for the eyes. The other points that are worth visiting are the Rambagh Point, Echo Point, Monkey Point and Porcupine Point. The very famous Charlotte Lake might remind you of those n-number of hindi movie songs shot here, but before you laugh it out, let me tell you it is picturesque! And so much so that it might make you feel and sing like a movie star dancing along the valleys and the wilds!


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