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Subho's clicks make you feel like you are visiting the places yourself. Keep going, you are an artiste!

Every click says its story! Nice photography :) Good luck

"The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives"..:) So now you have achieved the priceless thing in your life's journey... Every picture you have taken is just awesome.. Keep taking shots..An another one every time! Good luck :)

A perfect blend of "A taste for art and an eye for detail"

Simply amazing pics....truely a talented budding photographer. I feel some of the pics actually speak to you whether it may be the walk in the misty woods...or Ma Durga's reflection in an oil lamp...the pics remind u of few poems...a simple pic if has the magic of touching ur heart is definitely a great pic....and some of Subho's pics create that magic for you...a wonderful site to experience good photographs on diverse subjects. Hats off....

This is really superb. I appreciate your work.

I am so proud to see the emergence of Subhojyoti as a promising photographer who can truly detect the photogenic aspect in every subject….be it a festival or a landscape where things are more static or wildlife where every subject can be super dynamic. The ability to visualise and capture the beauty within a subject made these pictures a true example of creativity at its best. I am sure this is only the tip of the iceberg with many such masterpieces yet to come. Keep it up Subho and continue to mesmerise our eyes with your works of art in the days to come…..

In an era of Photshop-ed, Instagram-ed and manipulated photos, it's indeed quite refreshing to see a budding photographer not afraid to get back to the basics – getting the gear out and shooting through the lens from the heart. Yet he is not afraid to break the conventional rules of photography. Keep it up!

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